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Vip Ticket          Vip Ticket
— ODDS AROUND 260.00 

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Ticket for 20.04.2019

20.04.2019 8PYgwOS.png (65×10)– 8PYgwOS.png (65×10) 1/X 15.00 ?? Pending
20.04.2019 8PYgwOS.png (65×10) – 8PYgwOS.png (65×10) X 3.60 ?? Pending
v 8PYgwOS.png (65×10) – 8PYgwOS.png (65×10) 2 2.30 ?? Pending
20.04.2019 8PYgwOS.png (65×10) – 8PYgwOS.png (65×10) 1 2.10 ?? Pending


Ticket for 13.04.2019

13.04.2019 Hemel Hempstead – Truro 1/X 15.00 1:0/1:1 WIN
13.04.2019 Guiseley – Ashton Utd X 3.60 1:1 WIN
13.04.2019 Barnet – Wrexham 2 2.30 1:2 WIN
13.04.2019 Bristol Rovers – Bradford City 1 2.10 3:2 WIN

Ticket for 06.04.2019

06.04.2019 Gateshead – Ebbsfleet 1/X 15.00 1:0/1:1 WIN
06.04.2019 Bristol City – Wigan X 3.60 2:2 WIN
06.04.2019 Sheffield Wed – Aston Villa 2 2.30 1:3 WIN
06.04.2019 Kidderminster – Bradford PA 1 2.10 3:0 WIN

Ticket for 30.03.2019

30.03.2019 AFC Telford – Blyth 1/X 15.00 1:0/1:1 WIN
30.03.2019 Blackpool – Plymouth X 3.60 2:2 WIN
30.03.2019 Ipswich – Hull 2 2.30 0:2 WIN
30.03.2019 Tranmere – Carlisle 1 2.10 3:0 WIN

Ticket for 23.03.2019
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23.03.2019 Carlisle – Cambridge Utd 1/X 15.00 2:1/2:2 WIN
23.03.2019 Eastbourne Boro – Bath X 3.60 0:0 WIN
23.03.2019 Stratford – King’s Lynn 2 2.30 0:2 WIN
23.03.2019 Farnborough – Tiverton 1 2.10 3:2 WIN

Ticket for 16.03.2019
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16.03.2019 Forest Green – Carlisle 1/X 15.00 1:0/1:1 WIN
16.03.2019 Notts Co – Morecambe X 3.60 0:0 WIN
16.03.2019 Hampton & Richmond – Concord 2 2.30 1:4 WIN
16.03.2019 Sutton – Gateshead 1 2.10 4:2 WIN

Ticket for 09.03.2019
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09.03.2c019 Wycombe – Sunderland 1/X 15.00 1:0/1:1 WIN
09.03.2019 Eastbourne Boro – Chelmsford X 3.60 1:1 WIN
09.03.2019 Billericay – Torquay 2 2.30 0:2 WIN
09.03.2019 Basford – Buxton 1 2.10 2:0 WIN

Ticket for 02.03.2019
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02.03.2019 Preston – Bristol City 1/X 15.00 1:0/1:1 WIN
02.03.2019 Darlington – Chorley X 3.60 1:1 WIN
02.03.2019 Millwall – Norwich 2 2.30 1:3 WIN
02.03.2019 Peterborough – Wycombe 1 2.10 4:2 WIN

Ticket for 23.02.2019
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23.02.2019 Stoke – Aston Villa 1/X 15.00 1:0/1:1 WIN
23.02.2019 Blyth – Kidderminster X 3.60 3:3 WIN
23.02.2019 Curzon Ashton – Altrincham 2 2.30 0:6 WIN
23.02.2019 Brentford – Hull 1 2.10 5:1 WIN

Ticket for 16.02.2019
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16.02.2019 Macclesfield – Colchester 1/X 15.00 1:0/1:1 WIN
16.02.2019 Slough – Dartford X 3.60 2:2 WIN
16.02.2019 Carlisle – MK Dons 2 2.30 2:3 WIN
16.02.2019 Whitby – Grantham 1 2.10 2:1 WIN

Ticket for 09.02.2019
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09.02.2019 Barrow – Bromley 1/X 15.00 1:0/1:1 WIN
09.02.2019 Hartlepool – Leyton Orient X 3.60 1:1 WIN
09.02.2019 Aldershot – Eastleigh 2 2.30 1:3 WIN
09.02.2019 Tranmere – Stevenage 1 2.10 2:0 WIN

Ticket for 02.02.2019
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02.02.2019 Haringey – Burgess Hill 1/X 15.00 2:0/4:4 WIN
02.02.2019 Portsmouth – Doncaster X 3.60 1:1 WIN
02.02.2019 Shrewsbury – Luton 2 2.30 0:3 WIN
02.02.2019 Bristol City – Swansea 1 2.10 2:0 WIN

Ticket for 26.01.2019

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26.01.2019 Northampton – Morecambe 1/X 15.00 1:0/1:1 WIN
26.01.2019 Peterborough – Charlton X 3.60 0:0 WIN
26.01.2019 Guiseley – Boston Utd 2 2.30 4:5 WIN
26.01.2019 Nottingham – Wigan 1 2.10 3:1 WIN

Ticket for 17.01.2019
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17.01.2019 Hemel Hempstead – Hampton & Richmond 1/X 15.00 1:0/1:1 WIN
17.01.2019 Barrow – FC Halifax X 3.60 0:0 WIN
17.01.2019 Colchester – Mansfield 2 2.30 2:3 WIN
17.01.2019 AFC Fylde – Wrexham 1 2.10 2:0 WIN

Ticket for 12.01.2019
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12.01.2019 Sunderland – Luton 1/X 15.00 1:0/1:1 WIN
12.01.2019 Accrington – Bristol Rovers X 3.60 0:0 WIN
12.01.2019 Nuneaton – Curzon Ashton 2 2.30 2:4 WIN
12.01.2019 Peterborough – Rochdale 1 2.10 2:1 WIN

Picks: 1/2 – 1/2 HT-FT
ODD: 21.00 – 50.00
Sure: 100% 
 – Guaranteed

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WhatsApp: +389 78 942 050

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To ensure all my paying members are treated with respect, We do not provide any free trial tips under any circumstances. 99% of those who request for free trial tips do not have the intentions to purchase tips. So We rather take good care of those who appreciate my services!

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Date: 13.04.2019 


Taunton  Taunton – Kings LangleyKings Langley
Tip: 2/1
Odds: 21.00
Score:0:1/2:1 WIN WIN

Date: 06.04.2019 


AFC Fylde  AFC Fylde – EastleighEastleigh
Tip: 2/1
Odds: 21.00
Score:1:2/4:2 WIN WIN

Date: 30.03.2019 

Warrington  Warrington – GainsboroughGainsborough
Tip: 2/1
Odds: 20.00
Score:0:1/2:1 WIN WIN

Date: 23.03.2019 

St. Albans  St. Albans – GloucesterGloucester
Tip: 1/2
Odds: 34.00
Score:1:0/1:2 WIN WIN

Date: 16.03.2019 

Sparta Prague  Sparta Prague – Sigma OlomoucSigma Olomouc
Tip: 2/1
Odds: 23.00
Score:0:1/2:1 WIN WIN

Date: 09.03.2019 

Gateshead  Gateshead – Barnet Barnet
Tip: 2/1
Odds: 29.00
Score:0:1/2:1 WIN WIN

Date: 02.03.2019 

Yeovil  Yeovil – Morecambe Morecambe
Tip: 2/1
Odds: 34.00
Score:0:1/3:2 WIN WIN

Date: 23.02.2019 

AFC Wimbledon AFC Wimbledon – CharltonCharlton
Tip: 1/2
Odds: 29.00
Score:1:0/1:2 WIN WIN

If you want to make money every day, every hour, every moment – this is the offer for you.
The matches are 90% safe and have odd from 2.00 to 6.00,VIP Matches (4.50 to 6.50) There are people in this team that work 24/7 info come from players, coaches and clubs. Be part of this offer. Our archives are real and all matches goes to our archive. Every day match and every day win.
WhatsApp: +389 78 942 050

Monthly Specials

MARCH 2019

01.04.2019   Aarhus – Vejle X 3.50 2:2 WIN
02.04.2019   Espanyol – Getafe X 3.10 1:1 WIN
03.04.2019   Frosinone – Parma 1 2.30 2:1 WIN
04.04.2019   Real Sociedad – Betis 1 2.20 2:1 WIN
05.04.2019   Bordeaux – Marseille 1 3.50 2:0 WIN
06.04.2019   Newcastle – Crystal Palace 2 2.90 0:1 WIN
07.04.2019   Reims – Lille X 3.10 1:1 WIN
08.04.2019   Nordsjaelland – Brondby 1 2.90 1:1 LOSE
09.04.2019   Bristol City – West Brom 1 2.50 3:2 WIN
10.04.2019   El Ismaily – El Gounah X 2.90 2:2 WIN
11.04.2019   Arsenal – Napoli 1 2.20 2:0 WIN
12.04.2019   Dijon – Amiens X 3.30 0:0 WIN
13.04.2019   Southampton – Wolves 1 2.70 3:1 WIN
14.04.2019   Sampdoria – Genoa 1 2.30 2:0 WIN
15.04.2019   Mlada Boleslav – Liberec 2 3.00 1:2 WIN
16.04.2019   Altrincham – Brackley Town 2 2.60 1:2 WIN
17.04.2019   FC Porto – Liverpool 2 2.20 1:4 WIN
18.04.2019 ?? ?? ?? ??

Here we post a small odd tip daily, and sometimes we take even 2.00/3.00 odds as "small".Our free tips are predictions from our comunit

y team. If you want win for sure you can buy any of our packages to win.
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The best free predictions,fixed,matches, ,Daily free predict,Free predictions,Fixed Matches   

FREE TIP 21.04.2019
— Attention —
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Real Madrid  Real Madrid – Ath Bilbao Ath Bilbao
Tip : 1
Odds : 1.50
Score : 
— Attention —
— From now, Who ask for free match,free trial or payment after win, That kind of numbers/emails will be a Blocked & Reported. 

— Free tips is not 100% sure matches 
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— If you are not interested in our Fixed Tips, then good luck with our free tip 
WhatsApp +389 78 942 050

    The best free predictions,fixed,matches,    The best free predictions,fixed,matches,

The best free predictions,fixed,matches,        The best free predictions,fixed,matches,

The best free predictions,fixed,matches,    The best free predictions,fixed,matches,

FREE TIP 20.04.2019
— Attention —
What's APP is offline right now, Please if you need something contact us on Email.

Truro  Truro – Gloucester Gloucester
Tip : 1
Odds : 2.65
Score : 1:2 LOSE

FREE TIP 19.04.2019
— Attention —

St. Albans  St. Albans – East Thurrock East Thurrock
Tip : Over 2.5
Odds : 1.85
Score : 2:1 WIN

FREE TIP 18.04.2019
Eintracht Frankfurt  Eintracht Frankfurt – Benfica Benfica
Tip : 1
Odds : 1.85
Score : 2:0 WIN

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Jonas Jesper from Denmark 

I think you guys have some inside information because
is not possible to pick Levante to win against Real Madrid.
That happens once in 10 years. Nevermind, i like you, because i win.



 Nikolae Peperoglu from Greece

 My name is Nikolae and i’m from Greece.
Before finding your website i was betting a lot
on hockey and i always wondered if someone could help me win on soccer too.
 I’m glad i have find Italian-Bet and the extraordinary team
that makes everything so easy for me.


Augusto Samperini from Italy 

I never thought possible that was someone that
can win so much money from betting.
If i already won €3000, i am curious how much money
you are winning with these tips. Hmm… you must be very happy. Cheers!


 Jose Calderon Perez from Spain

 I was skeptical in the beginning but after 2 months of using 
Italian-Bet and the tips, i’ve made 9 times my initial investment.
 Over €1800 i’ve won. Thank you !


Ionae Stancu from Romania 

I am only 19 years, i know you told me not to bet
because i have a small bank, but i didn’t listen your advice and i’m so happy  
because i’ve won so much that i afforded to buy my dream motorcycle.
Thank you so much for making my dream come true.


Mati Koponnen from Finland

  I am €3,689 profit in 17 days. My single mistake was not betting on the 4,6 odd.
Now i would been having more E4000 profit
if i wouldn’t made this mistake.  
Congratulation guys and continue your work!


Laszlo Orban from Hungary

Every morning i woke up, open my Ipad and login to my e-mail.
It’s a routine for me, this is the first thing i do in the morning. 
For god sake, i think i’m an addicted. 

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